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2 single parents next door how can I help
06/04/2010 at 03:08 AM

Hi,my new neighbours have moved in and there a 2young girls both with small babys and a 2yr old toddler,they have barely any money and no beds for them selfs or their kids to sleep in , they are genuinely lovely girls very young but doing the best they can with what they have which is not alot they have a sofa and 2 chairs which someone gave them but no bed for either of the babys or toddlers just one cot and 2 single bed one mother puts her baby in a pram and sleep on sofa with her toddler and another has her baby in a cot and sleeps in a single bed with her son bcoz of this sleeping arrangement they can not get the kids into a bed time ruitine so then the next day they have not slept well and are cranky and naughty I can see they are really strugglin how can I help any suggestions would be gratefully recieved as well as that they have no family that can help

Sorry ment to put a cot and a single bed

First of all, I admire you for being such a caring person. Many people wldn't want to get involved. You can always offer to babysit the kids from time to time. That's a big help. Also, you may be able to get assistance for your neighbors through your local church. Another idea too wld be to ask people in the community to contribute furniture, clothing, etc. that they no longer need. Of course speak to your neighbors first. I'm sure they wld greatly appreciate whatever you do. You're a good hearted person. I'm sure your generosity will bring you many rewards in the end.

In reply to concerned I would like to thank you for your suggestions I hated managed to get hold of a moses basket for the baby and a travel cot for one toddler I also found information of a anti poverty group that they are yet to visit on thier own free will, i have donated clothes and toys and other neighbours have donated clothes and toys,i have offered to baby sit but they have yet to take me up on my offer

Invite them for dinner. Host a neighborhood party so that they can get to know the neighbors. Make it potluck so that they can contribute, too.