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14 Yr Old - Suspended and Sneaky
09/22/2009 at 13:03 PM

My 14-year-old son was recently suspended from school for 10 days. This is the first time he's ever been suspended and quite frankly I'm extremely disappointed and upset with what he did. He's an A/B student and has a lot of potential, but he still makes poor choices.

I'm a pretty strict single mom, but still have to work.

So far, I've made him clean up (and I mean really clean) the house...room to room, from top to bottom.

That comes after the early morning 30 minute run he has to complete in our neighborhood.

I've also taken his PS2, games and all the other fun stuff away. BTW, it's going on Ebay. That's how bad this thing is in my book.

I've also been taking him to a shelter so that he can see that he really does have it good and should be thankful because it could always be worse.

Now, here's where I need the help...I've now learned that he's been sneaking outside, playing basketball while I'm at work.

He doesn't know that I know this, but I found out through a reliable source.

I'm even more disappointed now, because I really don't think that he understands how serious this thing is.

Any help anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.





I don;t think you can expect a kid to enforce his own punishment.  Do you have a relative, co-parent, or close family friend who is available to help you with this?  Can you arrange for a few short days at work, so you could do the follow-through yourself?  Personal leave or vacation days?  Boy, wasting vacation days on his punishment might be a real effective thing!


I hear you loud and clear and thanks for the advice. I wish I could take the time off to see after him, but unless I'm on my death bed there's no way I'm getting any time off any time soon. I'm going to work on a getting someone to help me out with this.


Thanks again!


i would come right and be honest i know what you did when you did it and enforce more punishment. sounds like you are doing a wonderful job but remember everyone has to make mistakes to learn and grow i'm not sure what he did but it sounds like your handling it well.there is no right answer in tough situations there really isn't but if there where more parents out there our neighborhoods would probley be a whole lot better