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12 month old and father visitation rights
09/15/2008 at 14:01 PM
I need to know what kind of rights my son father
as when it comes to visitation. We have not went to court and he
occasionally buys pampers, milk, water and wipes, Whenever he calls and
want to see his son i work it out so he can spend some time with him.
Now he is demanding to come and pick up our son. He have been nasty
toward me and very disrespectful. I have been bending backwards for him
to have a relationship with his son. He now will not call unless i tell
him he can pick him up. Do I have to allow him to pick his child up
with out a court order, Any suggestions would be appreciated.

No you do not have to let him see his son, but is that whats best for the child? You have not mentioned anything that would put the child at risk by visiting his father, but you did mention that he has been nasty to you. You need to make sure that you are not doing this as a way to get back at him. If he does take you to court, absent any danger to the child, he will get visitation. You also have to ask yourself how you want the court to view you. This is a time to put your personal views on the back burner, and do what is best for your child.