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my 12 year old twins
02/04/2008 at 11:10 AM

i find my twins are getting to be quite awful with each other, they are fitting more than they ever did before they seem to really dislike each other i have older children one of them is 28 and the other is 24 i cant remember them being like this. by the way the ywins are boy and girl if any one has any advice i would be pleased to hear it

  Sometime when they aren't fighting, have a social skills lesson on how you expect them to talk to each other.  Pick no more than 3 things they do that irritate you the most, teach them how to do them right, and state your expectation that they will start to do them right, now that they know how.  Role play situations, with the parents and the kids taking different parts, like mommy takes brother's part, mix it up.  Then have a treat!




I agree with Gail---I think it is important to teach children how to get along without always getting in the middle.  I think role-playing could help a lot with them seeing things through each others eyes!




i think that you just need to let them fight it out. just give it time and they should ease up on each other 12 is a very hard age for children trust me my 13 year old used to fight with her smaller sister just to see what would happen i usually just let her go fo it and fight it out but if that doesn't work you might just want to sit them down and calmly talk to them and calmy dicuss why they are fighting so much


hope this helps