How should I approach my sister/what to say?
04/05/2013 at 11:52 AM

I'm a dude that's 16, my older sis is 18, in college, but still lives with us. After Xmas, she started taking taekwondo. We're about the same size, 5'5, but she weighs more, maybe 140. Ok, well yesterday she comes home, smiles and says that her sensei told her her flexibility is great ad kicks are good too. I told her that was a bunch of crap, that that stuff won't help her against a guy, guys are too strong. She left, but came back downstairs, had changed into her workout clothes, t-shirt ad yoga pants and says Oh, u don't believe it? I challenged to show her what I meant. We didn't have ay contact, but outta NOWHERE she starts doing REALLY high kicks, used both legs, aimed ALL of em at my face! All I could do was keep backing up. She did this 1 fancy karate kick that PISSED me off! In a circle from the inside out, REALLY HIGH UP! Across my face too! First her right leg, then left leg, then right leg again. Her flexibility totally messed me up, urrgh! I can't do anything against it at all. I got so mad cuz I wanted to defend against her kicks, but high up, both legs and flexibility she used made it so I CAN'T! It was just, awwgh, her high kicks, both legs like that, her flexibility like that, it wasn't even fair! I started getting mad, said "Agggh, I QUIT!" Stomped off. She looked at me serious, was like "Now do u believe it?" I said I hated her. I shouldn't have talked all that crap before, now I regret it. I've never been so humiliated in my life! Should I admit the truth to her? What should I say to her if I do? Thanks for help.