04/02/2012 at 19:20 PM

ok so im not a parent or anything like that. just a concerned and a bit of an angry older sister. ok so my younger brother is ten and i've found out hes been watching porn. i havent seen it but if i say were to go through my search history on a day i havent been on and only he was on i would find pornagraphic things. now my mother, she suspects since im the older one that its me, and im not into mom is more of a lecture-wont-let-you-talk-while-shes-ranting-or-any-other-time-for-that-matter type of person. i was wondering what should i do to confront my brother and get my mom to believe it wasn't me?

Some time when you are both calm, not in the middle of things, teach her what the correct response is to your direction.