a christmas gift for a picky sister
12/16/2008 at 20:46 PM

i was wondering how you all deal with Christmas shopping for picky people. my sister is so hard to buy for so this year, i think im going to get her some sort of gift card to her fave store! i like this idea because it prevents me from stressing out about not finding her anything she likes and plus, a gift card can let her pick out something she prefers!  i know i can find her a ift card to one of her fave stores at Safeway. they have like over 300 gift cards to choose from in thei little gift card mall set-up in their stores!!! what do you guys think about this idea?

I agree that a gift card is the way to go. You can always buy a small stocking stuffer gift also just so you have something other than a gift card to give your sister at x-mas. Hope this helps.


If you live nearby, it might be fun to spend the time shopping together!

I might be a scrooge, but I only buy something for my adult siblings if it jumps off the shelf screaming "I'm just what Susy or Billy wants!"


I think a giftcard might not even be the right thing there to do. Just give her cash! One, you'll save money in the end, as well as she will have the same amount of money that she would have had to begin with as well as she can spend it not just at one of her favorit stores but more then one. Its definitally the way to go; just remember that in this day and age anything less the $40 in cash is considered a "rip-off" and a lowely thing to give. So whatever you do, remember that it needs to be somewhat above that. She'll always remember, and its always the best gift to give. She'll like it more. Also, if you can, go with the stalking-stuffer idea from one of the above comments. Thats a great idea as well. Make her think, "man he's awsome!" You'll outdue anyone else who gives her any gifts...as long as someone doesnt top the amount of money you give her!


I can totally see why one would want to get a gift card, it makes sense as far as being practical.

However, I believe gift giving is more than that. I love the idea of someone I love shopping around with me in mind and picking a gift just for me. I think gift cards are impersonal and do not require much "thought"... I am touched by thoughtful gifts. I am thankful and delighted just to get a gift no matter what it is. That is what I teach my children.

I never buy gift cards (and I am so tempted at times) ... I actually put thought into my gifts and I am honored when people do that for me.

As far as giving a certain value (over $40.00) that is so materialistic and defeats the purpose of a gift. I have already recieved cards and candy and tree ornaments this year and I am completely delighted by the idea of someone remembering me at Christmas!!


I really have a gift when it comes to presents , and what I found , apart from some expensive Artificial Christmas Trees with real scent and everything , that make a great gift, if you are undecided you can always turn to original jewelry or technology for a great gift.