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brother and sister sleeping together
10/08/2008 at 11:14 AM

I am concerned about my 10 year old daughter and 6 year old son.  Almost every morning I find my daughter in bed with my son.  She goes to bed in her own room at night, but sometime during the night gets up and goes into his bed.  Should I be concerned about this? I guess i'm also worried because they always want to take a shower together too but I won't  let them. I think 10 years old is too old to be showering with her little brother. She never sneaks into her other brother's bed, which is in the same room.  Any thoughts on this?

Awe, she loves her little brother; I think it's sweet! However, I do think you should insist that she sleep in her own bed. I think you should gently explain, in 10 year old terms, that girls and boys can't sleep together and that it may disrupt her brothers sleep. I think it is important enough to place a consequence if she continues to go to his bed. I had a little brother too and at some point kids get curious. If that happened (I'm not saying it has/will) it could stick with both of them for life. Just be safe and insist she follow sleeping rules or get a punishment. Good Luck

Have you tried talking to your children about this? Ask them why they are sharing the same bed, and why they want to take a shower together. I agree that kids get curious at a certain age, and this cld be an innocent stage. However, like tamz stated, be firm, and explain to them that this is not appropriate behavior. Hopefully this helps.

as long they do not mind it. leave it along.

I would put a stop to it, too. It's getting to the stage of inappropriate at that point. Try the privacy pop. It's a tent that slips on the bed. Your kids can each have one and keep it zipped up at night. They'll love the independence aspect, and then it'll be a reminder to stay in their own beds at night. You can order them at for a good price. Good luck!

as long they do not mind it. leave it along

i dont think its appropriate at that age and in most states according to children services its illegal.

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