3 yr old daughter sleeps in 6 yr old brothers bed sometimes
01/01/2012 at 19:06 PM

My daughter just turned 3 about 6 months ago I had switched her from her own room to sharing a room with her brother due to the fact that she was very scared of being alone. They have their own beds but now my daughter sometimes sneaks into her brothers bed throughout the night. He has no problem with it and if he wakes up he just goes to her bed and leaves her in his but I'm just wondering if this is a habit I should worry about or if it's ok to allow it until i put her back in her own room,since she seems to sleep through the night when she does sleep in her brothers bed. Any Help is appreciated thank you!!!!! :)

She's most likely depressed. Try to organize some activities that she would enjoy. I remember when I was very little, one of the things our family did was take my great-grandma for a drive in the country once a week.