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writing letters backwards
03/13/2008 at 21:17 PM

i have a 4.5 year old that has been in preschool since he was 2, he seems very prepared for kindergarden but is having trouble writing some of his letters backwards. is this normal? how can his father and i help him?

My daughter did this too and I had her tested for dyslexia and was first told that it's very common for a 4 year olds to write backwords as they are developing their skills and that her tests were inconclusive.  She was able to write a whole sentence backwards.  Out of the blue it just quit.


My advice would be if you have the resouces available to you to have them tested.  It doesn't hurt to err on the side of safety.  If you don't talk to their teacher and see what they think, because if caught early it is treatable with extra help.


 Nothing uncommon about this at all. Talk with the teacher, i'm sure they see it all the time.

We use Braingym in all our classes and it gives very good results, however, as others have said, it is very common in children this age to write some letter the wrong way round. It is all to do with training the left and right side of our brains to work in harmony. Crawling is one of the best and easiest ways to do this. If any of you have children with disabilities, can you answer, did they crawl when they were young. My youngest went straight on to walking at 9 months and that is not good because he missed out on some vital brain training. Also, if you bottle feed a baby, change the sides you feed them on just like you would when you are breast feeding. Braingym is very simple exercises but very effective.


When my oldest (now in second grade) was in Kindergarten she would flip her b's and d's, 7's and 3's.   Her kindy teacher told me not to worry and that was extremely common for kids to do it in Kindergarten and even into 1st grade.    In fact, if they were doing counting page and wrote a 3 backwards, it was not counted wrong.  I would not worry about it.

Don't worry at all. It is extremely common. They will grow out of it.

My little boy only started getting all the letters the correct direction last year and he is 8. I did take him to the eye doctor and he ended up with glasses, but I think it is very normal for your boy to write the letters backward at his age.

Continue to work on writing skills at home. Use workbooks, tracing, dots, stencils.... Be creative. If your son has no other learning problems, I wldn't worry. This is a common thing at his age. If the problem persists, consult an Occupational Therapist to help your son in this area.

I think your son is quite young and I would not be concerned about it at his age. According to teachers its quite normal for small kids to do that. My son is seven and still writes some of the letters backwards but it did not stop him from being a very advanced reader in his grade 2 class. As long as your son does not have any other learning problems I think this will be corrected on its own. If its possible to work with OT I heard that they are great and very helpful. Take care.

Don't worry yet, I was at my first graders back to school night and her teacher addressed this issue to the crowd-she said it is quite normal and to not be worried, could take up to age 8 for them to get it straight. Just keep correcting it and they will eventually get the hang of it. When to be concerned is if the child has difficulty learning to read. Good luck!

I have a 4-year old daughter. She is doing well in her kindergarten classes with high grades.I was just so surprise one time seeing her writing her complete name backward from right to left. But she can also write her name from left to right. She can quickly recognize and read the alphabet and numbers though written backward or upside-down. I am a little worried about my daughter. Is this really something which I should worry about? Behavior-wise, she is silent and well-behaved in class but at home, she is irritable. But when she is alone, she enjoys singing, dancing, drawing anything.She has high interest on learning alone by herself. She doesn't want to be helped when she does something. Is this a manifestation of a learning disorder? Can anyone please advice me what to do? Thank you so much.

It's a common thing. Try to practice him writing at home, get him some workbooks.