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Worrying about current school for children....obnoxiously advanced?
04/11/2012 at 22:59 PM

My son is 7 and in the first grade (has a late birthday). He previously did not live with me and was going to a terrible school (whenever his father felt like letting him go) where they gave him baby work.

Now that he is living with me hes been transferred to a new school in January where it is ridiculously advanced. They want the kids to write paragraphs on their own, make powerpoint presentations, do research online about people theyve never heard about and then compare them with a venn diagram. These are the types of things they must do everyday along with reading a book and writing about the setting and theme and plot and such.

This COULD be fine and all, but because he has never done anything like this, he's not able to do it without a lot of help on my part. He has never had to write or read anything to this extent and they want to hold him back a year.

The thing that bothers me is he is pretty smart. You tell him something once and hell remember how to do it. Besides writing and reading, which he is improving at quickly, hes pretty much on track. I feel the school isnt even trying with him, and his teacher isnt communicating properly. This school has such a difficult curriculum and NO help anywhere. No afterschool, no tutors, no special classes for extra help with reading or math.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?

1st grade/ paragraphs? Ridiculous.