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what to do catholic or public school
09/11/2007 at 15:29 PM

I have my daughter in kindergarden in a catholic school. 5 days into school the teacher wants a conferance to tell me that my daughter would benefit by going back into pre k4.  She did not go to pre school.  The teacher says she doesnt reconize her letters and she doesnt write her name. it took me three days she is now writting her name.  I then asked her to tell me to point out her alphabet letters she reconized 12 out of 26. I then went on to tell the teacher how she does some things better at home than school.  the teachers reply is that she is copying off of other kids work.  this is my first child i want to do whats best for her i know i dont want her in that class anymore do i put her in the pre k4 class or go to public school kindergarden. where i talked to the guidance counselor who i explained how she doesnt know her letters he says they have alot of kids that come directly from home to school.

the reason i am hestant on putting her in prek is she is really verbal she talks well above her age level i know in a month she probally will surpas the prek class

My husband and I  both attended catholic schools.( which was just fine.) We have six kids, all in the public school system.Two of the six kids did not attend a pre-school.Most kindergarten teachers like the kids to know the letters of the alphabet,but alot of kids entering kindergarten do not, and thats o.k.We also have a child with ''special needs''.A public school system may be able to offer you more resources provided by the school   if needed.It does'nt seem like this teacher is willing to work with you.I would try another teacher,if possible or give the public school a try.You really want your daughter to have a good year,try working at home with her and have fun! It's kindergarten! good luck.


Hi my name is Debbie and we live in England.  My daughter is ten and has gone up to middle school over here.  The school is not a Catholic School but the lower school that she has left was a Catholic one.  I choose this school because we are Catholic and i wanted my child to know more about the religon as we are not church going family.  She has learnt alot of values and has learnt more about the religon.  The reason she has not gone on to Catholic middle school is because it is quite far away and she would have to get the bus and she did not want to.  But i will most definatly be considering the upper school to be the Catholic one.