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very frustrated
03/30/2008 at 22:33 PM

 My son is 7 yrs old and in first grade. He has a hard time with reading and math. I get very frustrated with him when we do his homework. I am a single father who is raising  two boys, my oldest is 11 yrs old and in 5th grade. Jon (11) is a really smart kid. His problem is that he is controlling and a smart-butt to his brother Jacob(7). I do not know whatelse to do about Jacob. What can I do to prevent him from being held back? I am not trying to avoid responsiblity, but isn't school suppose to be for learning? What is wrong with the schools today? When I was in first grade I do not remember having tons of homework. That was a small rant!  My real concern is Jacob, so if anyone can lend some help I would be grateful.

I believe there is a partnership with teachers and parents to ensure kids get the education they need.  When my oldest (now in 2nd grade) was in 1st grade she did get homework  just about every night.  School has changed quite a bit from when we were kids, more is required.  Kindergarten is really what I learned in 1st grade, 1st grade is more like 2nd grade...    My twins are in Kindergarten this year and already learning addition and substraction, now I know I started to learn about that much much later!

We always require that homework is done before anything else.   Also, home work completion is required in order for my girls  to watch TV or get computer time. 

What has his teacher said?  Has he been tested for any learning disabilities?   Why do you get frustrated with Jacob when he does his homework?  Does he not want to do it or is that he simply can not do it? 

If Jacob is falling behind, extra work at home.  A couple things that we have always done with our kids is reading at least 15 minutes to 1/2 per day.   We also used flash cards to help with additiona/subraction facts to 12.  There are quite a few online Math games that are really great for kids. has some really great stuff.


Hi I hope that things got better for Jacob (3 months later)... Have you asked his school for 504 accommodations? He may have a learning disability and the school can give him special accommodations for test taking or and aid etc... If he is still having problems, ask to set up a 504 meeting for next year to put in place extra supports. It is okay if Jacob is left back. He may need to feel confident with the work in order to improve. He may skip a grade later on in elementary. Don't see it as a failure. He will continue to struggle if he is pushed to 2nd grade. And all your frustration will double in 2nd grade and tripple in 3rd etc. Good luck to both of you! Good luck!

Have you considered a private tutor? Give that a try. If after some time you see your son is still having difficulties in school, get him evaluated. I recommend getting a private eval. If there's a problem, talk to the school and have them set up a plan that best suits your son's learning style. Good luck!