Tutoring? - FamilyEducation
10/08/2012 at 15:01 PM

My oldest child has been struggling with school and I have been trying to help him with his homework and such but it seems that he might need more help then I can provide. He's in the 8th grade and I was wondering does anyone know of any good tutoring resources? Or where I can find a tutor? Or is tutoring even a good route to help him? Thanks.

his school should be able to give you a list of tutors in your area. or mabe sylivan center its online a little pricey ,but my daughter went up three reading levels her first year with them.

Some schools actually provide tutoring. Our district calls it RTI response to intervention. Lots of districts have this but just use a different name. Ask his teacher about the schools intervention steps. Maybe they call it tier 2? Some teachers will also tutor after school. Just ask if any teachers on campus are providing the service. Hope this helps:)