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12/21/2010 at 14:51 PM

you know what i was thinking today?

what if instead of taking our kids to tutors there was like, some kind of home study coarse for parents that taught us all the tools and techniques the tutors and teachers use without having to go to college;

so we could double our kids learning and create a stronger connection with our kids at the same time, what do u think?

The most valuable thing a tutor brings to the job is emotional distance. Some parents are too invested in their child's academic performance. If you can live with the notion that your child will not always be the best, will not even always do her best, then you can do a better job than a tutor. If you can have a sense of humor and a sense of proportion about school work, you can do a better job than a tutor. If you think your child's performance is an indicator of your worth, then you should hire a tutor. If you are intimidated by the subject matter, you should hire a tutor. If you are willing to learn alongside your child, you can tutor subjects that you don't know a thing about and have no talent for.

Like parenting, tutoring is one part intuition and one part training. In the U.S., tutoring training is not a common course in colleges, let alone parenting classes, so a lot of us are unprepared to help a student become a self-motivated learner. If tutoring is done right, you're not giving the answers but leading the student through a series of questions that will lead him or her to discover the answer. That's how they become better learners and sometimes it does take that little extra time and attention. Crossroadsoflearning.com offers an online tutor training to anyone interested in the art of one-on-one eduction. I'm part of the staff which is why I can recommend it. It's completely online, you have a mentor assigned to you and there are no academic prereqs. As a parent myself, I know it's hard for kids to accept our help and this is one area that a little training can go a long way! Merry Xmas all... Nalini

I looked at the site--looks interesting.

As a parent, I'm constantly teaching my kid, but when it come to tutoring grade subjects I think it's best to go to a professional tutor like Huntington Learning center or Sylvan Learning Center. One reason is because they don't have the emotional barrier that hamper the learning process, and the tutors are trained specially on the subject.