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Teenagers being harrased.
08/18/2008 at 23:03 PM

My daughter is being harassed by another teenage girl, who says she wants to beat her up because she went out with her friend. This girl has my daughter's phone number and repeatedly calls her at all hours of the night from a private number calling her names and threatening her. If she does not answer the phone, the girl leaves her nasty voicemails. This has come to the point where she claims that she will come to her school to beat her up, even though she does not attend the same school. What should I do?

Contact the police. Have this girl's # traced or find out where she lives (if you can). Unfortunately you can't deal w/ your daughter's school b/c this other girl is not a student there. You might want to change your daughter's phone # though. In addition, arrange to have rides for your daughter to and from school, and notify the school of your concerns. Encourage your daughter to walk w/ friends and never alone. Stay on top of the situation as much as you can, and keep the lines of communication open between you and your daughter always. Good luck.

This is a very sensative subject to me (and probably many other parents) because my sister was bullied when we were kids. My sister was small framed and pretty. One girl decided to harass my sister because she talked to a boy the girl liked. Every day she would threaten her and call her and such. One day my mom could not pick my sister up from the bus stop and so my sister took a little pearing knife with her to school. After school, sure enough, the girls were there to fight my sister. They started to push my sister into the bully and my sister go so scared she pulled the knife out and stabbed her two times. The girl went to the hospital and my sister faced many legal issues for two years. You can't be with your daughter all the time and the girls may follow through with their threats. I say you take the voice mails to the police and press charges against the bully. If a person wants to behave a certain way, then he/she should experience the real world consequences. I think you should wait to change your daughters number until you have some evidence on the bully. Then call the police and change the number. Good luck!!!

This is definitely "harassing phone calls". Most times, it's a misdemeanor offense, but it is possible to add "terroristic threats" to the list of charges. You should contact the police, file a report, and have your phone records available. The police CAN and WILL have all calls traced, and can very easily make a case. MAKE SURE TO NOT ERASE ANY OF THOSE THREATENING MESSAGES.