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Teacher having pictures taken with female students
05/14/2007 at 14:36 PM

We have a male teacher in our high school who takes pictures at many of our extracurricular activities.   He posts all of the pictures he takes on his classroom website.  There are quite a few pictures of him with female students.  He takes a picture of the student with a friend or date and then has that person take a picture of him with the student.  He poses many of the pictures with the female student in front of him with his hands on their hips or abdomen.  I feel this is inappropriate.  Our principal has seen these pictures and not taken any action.  Do you have any advice as to where I can turn for help.  The girls do not ask to have the pictures taken and many say that they are not comfortable having their pictures taken with this teacher.  He is very well liked so the girls are afraid to say no.

Hi Karen,


I think that I would make an appointment with the principal and talk about it if you haven't already.  And I would also talk to other parents and see if anyone else shares your concerns, if they do, I would have them make appointments with the principal too. 


If the principal has no reaction and doesn't seem to help then the next step is the school board or superintendent.  I don't think it is okay for teachers to cross that line and I think as parents we have to be the ones to do what it takes to keep our kids safe.


Keep us posted.






That definitely sounds inappropriate to me. The photos are a little fishy, but the touching is definitely wrong. have you talked to other parents in the class about this?


That sounds inappropriate to me. I agree with the others that you need to escalate this above the principal if he/she doesn't think it's an issue. It is absolutely an issue if the girls are not comfortable with this and feel pressured to pose.


Thank you for all of your replies.  I wanted to let everyone know that I have begun talking to other parents and have discovered that the issue absolutely needs to be addressed.  The teacher is not only taking inappropriate pictures, he is making inappropriate comments.  I have also discovered that none of the female students ask to have their pictures taken - the teacher just hands the camera to someone and literally grabs the female student and pulls her next to him.  I, along with three other parents, have scheduled a meeting with our superintendant for late in June.  (Busy time of year for all of us!)  I will update you with the results.  Thank you again!


Hey karen


I am glad that you have other parents to support you.  I think it is great that you have an appointment and can get these issues addressed.  Our kids have enough dangers and difficult situations to deal with without a bad teacher making things worse!


Let us know how it all turns out.






Hi Everybody:

Just recently over in New Jersey, a young female high school gym teacher was accused of sexually abusing one of her students; a 17-year-old girl; the teacher is only 28, and she was suspended.

If you know of a teacher who is taking advantage of a student, report it right away.


I personally would say try and get an appointment with the principal and if he/she does not take any action try and get the police to talk to him/her about it, cause like you said the female students aren't comfortable with said pictures.


Karen, I'm glad you are going to address this teacher's inappropriate actions. I am a teacher, and I always tell my students to rely on their "gut" feelings. If they find themselves in a situation that doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. If they can't handle the situation (most students probably wouldn't stand up to a teacher or other authority figure), they need to talk to a trusting adult -- another teacher, preacher, counselor, parent, etc. Adults should never ignore children's concerns. They all need to be addressed. It may be nothing, but it may be something serious, too. If it's nothing, no one is hurt if the matter is handled correctly. If it's something, you are a hero!

First of all, thank you to everyone for your feedback.  I met with the principal and he was very receptive.  He has promised to speak with the teacher.  Hopefully, the students can enjoy their events without worrying about being forced to "smile for the camera."  Keep your fingers crossed!  I will be keeping my eyes and ears open.  If it happens again, I will report it to the Department of Education in our state.


Dear Karenm152,

   I appreciate so much that there are parents like you who have common sense, are paying attention, and watching out for kids.  

   I've been out of high school for 10 years.  While in school, there was a very popular male teacher who would say sexually suggestive  things during class, and even in front of the whole school.  He obviously took a liking to certain girls, also.  It was so inappropriate,  but for some reason I didn't think much of it as a teenager.  As I got older I'd think of him and wonder how he got away with acting like such a pervert.  And it amazed me that no parents, teachers, or students spoke up about him.  Well,  about 6 months ago he was all over the news because he was caught having sex with a 16 y/o girl.  I really doubt it was the 1st time.   If there was a proactive parent such as yourself,  terrible things could've possibly been prevented.  Way to go. 



I don't know if this has already been suggested, but I'd speak with the Superintendant of Schools for your District, along with the Principal, teacher in question, and even a few of the girls that have had this happen.  Also, these girls need to learn how to say NO, especially if it makes them feel uncomfortable. A teacher should not touch a student, especially a female student without first asking or making sure the student is okay with it.

Hope this helps.


Blackngold, that is so scary! You could have been describing this teacher.  As I spoke to other parents over the summer, I learned that he has a habit of making sexual comments to female students and to students in his class.  He, too, has "favorites" and all the kids know who they are.  I feel bad for these girls.  I mentioned all this to the principal (with specific examples) so hopefully the school administration will keep a careful eye on him.