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Teacher gifts. Any good ideas?
12/05/2008 at 10:37 AM

Hi all!

As the holidays are approaching, we're in a crunch to get everything ready. Decorating, baking, gifts.... I need your help w/ some ideas for teacher gifts. I don't want to spend more than $5-$10/gift, but I'd still like to get something thoughtful. Do any of you have any original ideas? In the past we've given candles, chocolate, scented lotion, and now I'm out of ideas. I'm trying to find something unique and meaningful. Some parents give gift cards, but I feel funny giving a gift card w/ such a small budget.
Any suggestions wld be GREATLY appreciated! Thx so much!

How about a Movie Night gift?

Include a pkg of microwave popcorn, a favorite bottled drink and maybe some typical movie candy.

If you look hard you can usually find a $5 dvd somewhere (Target, maybe?) or just go ahead and include a $5 Target giftcard meant to go towards the teacher purchasing her own movie.

Or you can forgo the movie dvd or giftcard, and just include the movie foodstuffs only, with a cute poem.

Here's a poem you can include (I just made this up---you can make up your own or just include some personal message with a similar sentiment):

With this gift I want to say
Happy, happy holidays!
Thanks for all you do for me
Now relax, and enjoy a movie on me!

By the way, I mention Target because I love Target, and I thought it would be a good giftcard, since the teacher can use that for anything, not just a movie.


Buy a pack of gift certificates and spend the thought on writing a specific personal note for each teacher. Something home-made, even if it's quirky, is nice, especially if the student makes it. Last year's chocolate and lotion are probably gone, and I doubt they remember specifically who gave them what.

Thx to both of you for your great ideas. I really like the suggestion of something made by the kids and also the idea of including an original note. BTW, pokey, Target is one of my favorite stores too. Can't beat the prices, and love that it's a one stop shop!