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studying vehavior
03/30/2008 at 13:25 PM

we are parents of a seventh  grader, 13 y.o.  adopted  girl which  goes  to a  private school  and  has  help at  home  by  3  different tutors  but  still her  grades  are  below  -  she  is careless -   during her  tests  she  answers  3 out  of 5  problems -  she doesn't  seem  to care of  anything.

We  tried  everything - we spoke  to her professors at  school  who confirm  that  she  is  a  good  kid  - but  she is  JUST  careless.  She  doesn't  like  to  read   she always  had  this  behavior -  she  was  examined  for ADHD  but  was  proved  negative  to that

My  wife  is  completely  desperate  and  has  lost  control  over  our daughter -   We  need help


You say she has 3 different tutors. How much time does she get to 'do her own thing' ? She needs to have some time to herself too. If she is pushed too hard, she is going to rebel against it. You say she doesn't like to read - does she find difficulty with it?  Has she been tested for things like dyslexia?
Apart from her school work, are there any other problems with her behaviour. You don't say how old she was when she was adopted, or anything about her previous background. Have you all sat down and talked properly about things?