Stubborn 4 year old in Pre-K, & Not writing her name
12/02/2012 at 06:37 AM

My Daughter Makenzie started Pre-k about 4 months ago. When she first started she was ahead of most the kids there, I had taught her the abc song, she knew her name, birthday, colors, shapes, and could count to 15 in english, and to 5 in spanish. Among a few other little things.
Now, its like shes gone backwards. Her teacher just sends her work home with her somedays, because Makenzie just wont do it. She doesn't try, she doesn't care, you could bribe her the world, she just refuses.
One thing we are having the most trouble with his her name. She is the only one in her class who wont write her name, she wont even try.. She will write an M but thats about it.
Ive tried so many things, printing out worksheets, we've tried one letter at a time.. She has NO interest what so ever. And i tried my hardest to not get upset with her, some times i just get so frustraited. My house has turned into a learning zone, theres letters everywhere, on every door, Her name is posted up everywhere.
I've tried so many things, We've done skittles/mnms for every letter she attempts to write, she gets more if she does it write, i praise her like shes written a novel every letter i do get her to trace. Which isnt many.
Even tracing things, she just doesn't do it. She will make scribbles around it, maybe a circle or a line. Then just shuts down, and starts making excuses "i have to pee, i'm hungry, my tummy hurts, etc."
Ive tried making games, We even sat on the bathroom counter with expo markers drawing on the mirror.. i had her interest for maybe 3 minutes, and it was done.
She loves school, she just doesnt want to anything while shes there. She only goes from 1-3, and she had never given me any trouble going.
I don't want them to hold her back, because of this.
Anyone have any ideas? i mean ive about tried everything. I dont know what to do.