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struggling reader????
03/20/2008 at 18:44 PM

My son is 7 and soon to be 8 in first grade. He is struggling at reading. He is great at math. I held him in kindergarten b/c of his birthday. He started this year fine and was moved up a level in reading. A few weeks later he started to sound out every words letters, even words that are considered "sight" words. He was moved down a level and is getting extra help at school and home. I thought he was doing pretty well but his last conference told me otherwise. His teacher and specialist are worried at his slow progress. Any advice would be graciously accepted. Thanks.

Make reading fun. Take him to the local library and let him choose books which spark his interest. Make it a regular outing. Make up games to do with words in everyday life such as on signs, cereal packets etc. Use books to gain information about things he likes and follow this up on the computer. Words are everywhere. He perhaps just doesn't like the bland books they are using in his class.

When my twins were learning to read we had a sight word wall at home of the words they knew.  Each morning I would review 5-10 sight words that we wanted them to learn and would add to the wall as they mastered them.   Sight words just have to be memorized, could be that by moving up a level, he's reading more difficult books and more sight words that he may not know and be getting confused.  I know my girls would get some sight words mixed up that were similar .... they, them, those, these etc... I really think that having the word wall at home really kept the words in front of their faces.   All three of my girls are really great readers and strongly believe that a good sight word vocabulary was really key in their success with reading.   

Also,  you might want to try to find some readers that are at your son's reading level (and slightly below)  that are of high interest to him so he will have success and reinforcement of words he should know.   I know one of my daughter's is crazy about frogs and will read anything about frogs.   There is a website calls, on the advanced search tab you can search by interest and also by book level.  I have found this site a great resource to find appropriate books for my girls.