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starting to think i made bad choice
05/22/2009 at 20:57 PM

last yr my daughter in 3rd had alot of trouble in school math reading and just all of the 3rd grade she made 1's on her LDP's and EOG's after alot of thought we had her held back we are now finishing up our second yr in 3rd she had good scores on LDP's but the EOG's we got the same score we got last year ,when i made the choice to keep her back it separated her and her best friend since grade k it was very hard she has made lots of friends this yr but hardly got to see her best friend and now i keep thinking why did we do it since we got the same scores on the EOG's as we did last yr what was the point ,i know alot of the kids made very low on the test even her old friends that are in the fourth now (including the best friend)some how it all just seems a waste ,that i made a bad choice a choice with no point to it .0f coarse i would never act or point out this to my child i told her how proud i am of her and i am so proud of her in everything she does im just second thinking me and the choice i made all i wanted was to give her a chance to catch up ,because she was so young in the grade .we now this year have a 504 plan for her that started after christmas .

Don't second guess yourself. You made the best choice you could for your child, based on all the information you had at the time. You can't look back now, with the info you have now (smae test scores) and second guess yourself. You will drive yourself crazy. It sounds like your daughter is young for her grade anyway, so what has it hurt? She will move forward from here, with her new friends and be just fine. It sounds like a lot of the kids have done poorly on the tests. I don't think you should be blaming yourself. All we can do as parents is what we believe is best for our kids and we know them best! Your daughter is going to be just fine where she is! Don't dwell on the past!

yes she was young for her age i had hoped for a better score now that we had stayed back but after i have given thought to it i made the right choice they offered the children in our county that made 1's to retest but i just sent her teacher a email telling her we would pass ,last year (the first time in 3rd)her second score went down lower so we will sit the retesting out and look to having a good fourth grade year ,she is really excited she will be in what she calls the older hall and i think we are ready for a change !! Thank you reading what you said did make me feel better