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Special Needs Student Parent and Teacher Relationships
09/11/2008 at 00:02 AM

My name is Katie Russell. I am a senior in Elementary Education and I am taking a class about special needs students. As an assignment for the class I needed to post on a message board.

My question is about teacher and parent relationships. Is it easy or difficult to collaborate? Are many parents envolved in their child's education? Do parents feel welcomed into the schools?

Hi Katie, As a parent of a child in spec ed, I feel it's very important to be as involved in my child's education as possible. I have a good relationship w/ my son's teacher, and although I don't get to talk to her everyday, she does fill me in on any concerns or positive feedback she has. I do the same for her. The school my son attends is very welcoming. Throughout the yr, there are parent nights, support meetings and classrm observations available to us. Overall, I'm very pleased w/ my son's school and his teachers. The only thing I've had a problem w/ is the teacher taking me seriously (at times). For expl, if I voice a concern, she may make light of it or otherwise say, "Give him time." There's something to say for a positive outlook, but if a parent has a legitimate concern, I wish it wld be taken more seriously. I hope my response helps. Best of luck w/ your class.

I have a student with ADHD, and because of his learning disabilities I must stay in close contact with teachers of the subjects he does poorly in. Most teachers are accomodating. They want to do a good job with students, and most teachers think it's wonderful when a parent gets closely involved. We live in a close-knit smallish town where everyone knows each other in our school, which makes it easier. I don't think there are as many parents involved as there should be, however, according to the comments I hear from the teachers. Parents are and should be always welcome in our school.

Hey Katie i have a son who has severe mental R " i use R because i hate the word" he goes to a special school with other chilldren like him .through the years i have had a few teachers that were more than i could handle and rufused for my son to be in their room after one year ,I found it easy when they have their own children with special needs .as for being welcome in the school yes and No i do feel welcome but when you go to the office and they must call down as if they need to warn them you are on your way i feel like i might be missing something i might want to see .My son is 18 and over the years i do think more parents are getting involved with the childrens schoolhe has a great teacher now i feel like i can tell her anything .

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