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Son(9) bullied by teachers son
06/25/2008 at 15:46 PM

Last year my son was bullied all year by a boy he used to be friends with.  When they decided not to be friends, this boy taunted him, embarrassed him and treatened him all year long in front of his friends and the class.  The problem is that this boy is the son of the best teacher in the school.  We have met all year with everyone from the school trying to get this resolved.  My son has gone to counseling outside of school for 5 months trying to deal with it.  Thank goodness the year is over.  However, now we found out that he has been placed in the mothers class next year.  We've done everything we can and he can't be moved to a different class because he has an IEP and she has all the IEP kids in her class.  The principal totally understands why we don't want him in her class, but has looked at every option and says there is nothing she can do about it.  The teacher still wishes the boys would be friends, which we would never let happen.  Any advice.  I'm thinking of moving him to a different school, however, it's sad that he's been at the school all these years and he have to leave his friends and start all over because on another kid. 

Personally, I think it is very unprofessional for a teacher to have her own child in her class. This can lead to favouritism. I have worked in places where teachers, teachers aides nursery nurses etc have their own children there and it usually causes problems. What if all the parents who object got together and forced the issue. Does the school not have a bullying policy. It should have. Where do you go next if you get no results from this? Here in Britain we would contact the LEA [local education authority] and if necessary, go right to the top of the tree. Your child deserves better than this.

That you have experienced the family teacher politics game. A very unfair game. In theory the kids are equal and we all hold hands and skip through the meadow wrong. In reality teachers often act like the grade level they teach. Instead of being this imparatial person the teacher sides with their kids ofbviously. I dont know the teacher should be able to let personal things go and teach anyone. As a teacher is hard for me to say some teachers are self centered. If you know her in the real world. I say go talk to her. So you can gage the situation. You be worrying about nothing. And if she is acting weird you'll have time to get her son into a another school.

Hi:I read your story and not sure if you have come across mine but has alot of info that i had to deal with,i took it as far as i could with the bullying till i had no choice but to intervein in a bully situation,long story short i ended up in court because school did not deal with the problem,one day not long ago i had to basicly save my daughter because no one was watching my daughter,nor did i think they even cared.The bully was very uncontrolled,i really think he at his young age needs some sort of discipline.The only thing i can think of come this Sept is to just let her fight back,maybe he will think about what hes done in the past to her,i really dont care if she gets labelled,shes only young,the boy put her through alot in one year,the whole family.I've read so much on bullying these past few months and it just makes me sick to hear the things ive heard.When you do everything you can to try and resolve the issue,it doesnt work then thats when you say son or daughter its time to fight back because if you dont you will always be picked on no matter what you do,by fighting back the bully may just back off.but in my case the parents turned on me later.It got very nasty but did i give in..No way did i!...please comment back if u can..yours truly..lunchbox.

Just one last note.I will have an update explaining what happend in court soon.I sure hope something goes right in my favour as thier is too much bullying going on in schools all over.I personally think there is too much favourtism,yes too many teachers not getting down to the facts and only blaming one child.It saddens me when i always hear it takes two to cause the problems but thats not really the truth in reality.not always!Schools that have bully policies need to use them properly,effectively,be mature themselves in problem solving.If a child is wrong in doing by starting the problem and dont quit they should get indoor suspensions.The problem should be delt with when it happends and teachers need to take the time to care for the children.That is also a part of thier job description.If a bully is bullying another child on a daily or weekly basis the teachers should punish only the bully not the other child whos always being bullied..Today there seems to be no common sense in our schools,train of thought has gone right out the window these days.

I'm sorry about your situation. As a parent of a child in special ed, I worry about bullying all the time. This child's teacher needs to discipline her child. The school shld also have a policy on bullying. Don't let them get away w/ doing nothing about this situation. Get a lawyer if you have to. Your child's safety is your top priority. Best of luck.