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Sixth Grade jitters
08/13/2008 at 12:58 PM

My 11 yr old daughter just started the sixth grade. Its a new school that also has 7th and 8th graders. Monday the school had what is called "transition day" only the sixthgraders attend to learn their way around. Tuesday was only a half day. Today was her first full day. Two mornings in a row now, my daughter complains of stomach upset before she has to leave for school. She said she is not nervous, but Im sure she is. When she has come home from school , everything is great, she had fun and says she is looking forward to the next day. then it starts all over, "I don't feel good"... I dont know what to do to help her. I feel frustrated. What can I do?

A couple of things. One is, I bet your daughter does know what is bothering her, but she may not know how to express it, or it may just be a supercharged issue that she is too wound up about to even think about. The other is, unless the issue is one that puts her in danger, which it probably isn't, you only need to teach her how to cope with anxiety. You could go to a counselor to learn these things, or you could just do some research on your own. I have a friend who does a martial arts Kata before she goes to work every morning, it "centers" her and she is able to deal with a stressful job.

Talk to your daughter and see if she'll open up about what's bothering her. You said it's a new school. Does she know any of the other students that go there? Maybe she's anxious about making new friends, adjusting to a new setting, or just what's expected of her. I'm sure she'll come around once she gets more comfortable w/ the routine and meets new people. Starting a new school can be very nerve-racking for many kids, but in time it gets easier. Hang in there!

All has been resolved. She had an actual case of abdominal distress. She ended up in the nurses office today.Its a new school, but it is new to all the kids who just left the fifth grade. She knows tons of kids there. She is fine now tummy wise. She should be A-Ok tomorrow! Thanks for all the help, I was getting worried. Phew!

waht u can do is make her a nice hot cup of hot choclate and put on a movie it always works for me.

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