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Should I retain my 2nd grader?
05/29/2008 at 11:52 AM

 I am new to the community :)  My son is 8 years old and struggles with reading comprehension. His teachers have recommended him repeating the 2nd grade primarily because they are afraid he will not be able to pass the required TAKS test in the 3rd grade... of course if he does not pass the TAKS next year he would be retained automatically . Since he is passing on his report card, this would be voluntary on our part.  My husband and I  do not know what to do. All the research I have done says that repeating the same material doesn't always work in the long run and they are no better off than those children who were promoted. I am afraid that retaining him might cause problems with his self esteem and being the oldest and biggest kid in the class. We have talked to him about the possibility of staying back a year and he is already upset about the notion. I just want to do what is right for him to make him successful. Have any of you been thru this and have any suggestions?

There is lots of good advice on other similar threads. Good luck with your decision.

If you don't want to hold your son back, maybe you can just hold him back in reading. Is your son classified? If so, talk to the school's Child Study Team, and see if they have any suggestions. You may also want to consider an outside evaluation to find out what level your son is at. Have you thought about a private tutor? Maybe that wld help as well.

I feel for you and i can imagine what you are going through. We have the same issue. We moved to a new area in May and put my son in the school there. The school said he is not reading well and his writing is not good. His report card from the school did not say he failed. He did well in math and science but not so well in reading and language arts. They suggested that we allow them to retain him so they could build him up in reading and lanuage arts. After careful discussions and speaking to tutors and friends in the educational field we decided not to. "My husband and i decided not to retain him." We have workbooks that he must do every day and he has to read a book a day and we discuss what he read as well as him writing it.It will not be easy but there are programs in the summer at local colleges and tutoring centers just for those reasons. I believe if you commit the time your child will be ready by the opening of school. If you live in the NJ area I have lots of info for you.