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Shall I transfer my daughter ?
02/16/2012 at 23:50 PM

My daughter is in Preschool and will start K this Fall. Let's call this school A. My son'll go to Pre this fall. He was diagnosed as Autism. So he needs special Pre program which A doesn't have. School district already recommended us schools and we chose one. Let's call this school B. Both A and B are good and score 10. The question is-- shall we transfer my daughter to B too?

The reason why:

1) They are very close. Starting school may be tough for my son. If his sister is in the same school, will it help?

2) Due to traffic, commuting will be hard if they are in A and B respectively, especially when we both work. If they are together, it's easier to handle.

3) We did experienced mean ppl when they know my son has autism. So we don't want to talk about it except with family and friends. If kids are in different schools, ppl will ask why. Is it annoying?

The reason why not:

1) For some reason, my daughter transferred to A from another school in the middle of school year. If we change her to B this fall, B will be the 3rd school. Is there too much change and make her social hard?

2) We whole family really loves A: The teachers, the administration and the principal. We really fit in.

3) A is K-8 and B is K-5. So they need to go to another middle school after B. Considering the 2-yr difference between my daughter and my son, they will still have some years apart. Then does it worth to transfer?

We need to make decision soon and really appreciate opinions.

She will be changing teachers/classrooms in the fall anyway. I think I would change her to school B at that time.