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Sex Education in Schools
01/16/2008 at 14:01 PM

I'm writing a paper for my english class and its on Sex education in schools. Should it be taught???

I think it should by necessity be taught. It would be nice to think that all children could be taught about it at home, but that's a utopian ideal and doesn't happen in reality. It is better that children are taught somewhere, and if it has to be school then so be it. In Britain there is sex education in schools but parents have the right to have their child opt out of it if this is what they wish.


Our state schools do a maturation clinic for 9 year olds (boys and girls), then address reproduction in health classes from 7th grade on, including instruction on how to use a condom in 10th Grade (signed parental release required).  I think it is good.  Reproductive health is like digestive health, you need an understanding of how the organs work.  But parents are obligated to provide the framework of values, the social and relationship circumstances in which sexual activity is appropriate.  It is not appropriate for schools to address those issues. 


thank you for your opinions. They were very helpful.


I also think that it should be taught in the school because for some reason parents think that it is taboo to discuss sex with our children until it is too late then parent get upset. A heathy discussion with children on sex should be very important for their growth in life. The same way parent teach their children about right and wrong.