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Sex Education
01/16/2008 at 13:42 PM

Should sex education be taught in schools?

I think it should. Kids at that age where hormones are starting to fluctuate need that kind of explanation to tell them what they're going through. You can't expect every parent to give their child the birds and the bees talk so the schools should have the burden. Personally, my parents never gave me "the talk" so if my junior high school didn't provide that education or free information, I would have had a harder time dealing with adolescence.


Ideally, sex education should be done at home. As this doesn't always happen, then yes, I think it should be taught in schools. We all need that information as we are growing up. It may be easier for some children to absorb it in this fashion anyway as they may be too embarrassed listening to Mum or Dad about it. In British schools, sex education is taught, but parents can allow thier child to opt out of it if they prefer to do it themselves, just like religious education.


Just found this post. My oldest son is in pre-k, and as part of the curriculum, the kids are learning about AIDS education. That to me is surprising b/c I wldn't expect the kids to really understand this subject matter at such a young age. I don't necessarily have a problem w/ it, I just find it unusual at this grade level. General health and personal hygene yes, but AIDS education? I suppose it has it's pros and cons. Does anyone see a problem w/ this subject being taught in pre-k? Just curious what others' opinions are on this.

Wow! I can't imagine kids need to learn or can even understand AIDS in pre-K. I would have concern with that for sure!! As for sex ed in school, I am so glad I learned this in school and my foster girl benefitted GREATLY from the information as her parents did not teach her about it or if they did, they did not teach her enough. Yes, it belongs in school just like biology.

I'm an early years practitioner here in Scotland. I can certainly see the reasoning behind teaching them at this age, and a lot of 4-5 year olds would be capable of understanding quite a lot of it. I still have my reservations however about it being done. At this age, they should not really be in any position to contract HIV through anything that they have any choice over so I am unsure as to the point

As others have said, failing having "the big talk" at home, the only resource remaining, is the school. However, I think strict standards should apply. Stick to the facts, and leave personal and religious bias OUT. I never had "the talk" either, but had one good teacher, who provided us with both classroom discussion, and free pamphlets. I think we did quite nicely.
Ultimately, though, this IS an at-home issue, because, if taught by family, kids would be more secure in their learning, whereas if taught in school, we might not know just what kind of sexual education they're getting.
For the best lesson, watch South Park episode 507 "Proper Condom Use". Chef sums it all up very well at the end.

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