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Selecting a quality preschool
09/22/2007 at 12:04 PM

What qualities are important to you when selecting a quality preschool for your child.  What expectations do you have for Early Learning? What makes you most comfortable when observing in a preschool classroom and what affects you adversly? What questions have you asked during preschool observations?

Hi, I'm a Pre-K teacher and a parent. You need to look carefully at the schools you visit. Sometimes the classrooms are not as they might appear. Visit twice at different times of the day so you can tell what's happening in the room. Look for cleanliness, children's interactions with each other and children's work displayed in the room. Make sure to ask what lessons the children are learning (they can show you their lesson plan), how do they handle behavior issues?, If your child is 4-5 ask what expectations the teacher has to prep them for kindergarten. A good school will show signs that the children are learning and that you're not just paying for day care. Good luck, hope I was some help. 



Thank you, rehtaeh8, for your insight.  You actually generated a few other questions for me.  If there are lessons, what exactly should preschoolers be learning and how should those lessons be implemented? Also, how much play should there be in a preschool structure? I have visited some very, shall I say traditional schools where I though the preschoolers were expected to do way too much and some that were so free and breezie that I wondered what was being accomplished at all.