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Second Grade Parents of a Child that was Retained in 1st Grade
05/25/2008 at 01:58 AM

I am looking to get some feed back from parents that have already gone through the process and how they feel now?  My niece is struggling with reading and maturity issues.  My sister has decided with the advice of the first grade teacher to have her repeat first grade.  I completely support this decide.  I want to help my sister in this process and would like advice or insight you have on this subject.  How do you feel now?  Is your child doing better?  What positive or negative  affects has this decision make in your Child's education, self-esteem, etc.  How does your child feel after  repeating the 1st Grade?  I would greatly appreciate any advice or information you can give me.

Thank you.

Auntie HiYi

I can't say I tried this option w/ my own children, but I've contemplated it. My oldest son has some learning problems, and he's now in pre-school for special education. When he does enter the public school officially, though, I'm considering holding him back a yr b/c his b-day is in the summer, and therefore he'll be one of the younger kids in his class. The fact that he has learning difficulties, makes me consider this option even more. My youngest son is an Oct baby and just makes the cut-off. He has no academic problems, but maturity wise, I feel it's better to be safe and hold him back. He hasn't started school yet, so I don't have to worry about him repeating a grade, missing his friends, etc. In my opinion, if your niece is the type who can easily adjust to change, I'd hold her back. In the long run, it'll pay off. If she's having a hard time accepting this idea, however, maybe your sister can talk to the school, and have her daughter held back in reading only. This way she'll still have her same friends, and your sister won't be so concerned w/ self-esteem issues. There are private social groups that may help your niece to cope w/ her maturity issues and better her self esteem. So that's another option. Overall, though, your niece is still young. If your sister decides to hold her back, now's the time to do it. I think she'll adjust fine. Keep us posted on what your sister decides to do, and please let us know how your niece adapts. Best of luck!

my son is now repeated the 1st grade this year for the same resans & because we decided to do so that he is now reading above grade leval also he has just earn reading awards & also student of the month for excelant behavior

I am a second grade teacher. Unless your niece has a learning disability, having her repeat first grade will help empower her over time. She will gain a tremendous amount of self-confidence and will be ahead of her class instead of always trying to keep up. However, if there is concern that she may have a learning disability, holding her back is not going to solve the problem. It is also better to retain in the younger grades than older grades for social reasons.

also I JUST Remebered that my sons 1st grade teacher last yr told me that her younest daughter repeated the 1st grade & now they want to put in a gifted program for an execelent student * also is above the rest of her ckass