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Retention in First Grade?
05/03/2009 at 17:13 PM

I know that there is already several threads on this topic, but none seem to fit my situation, so I would like to add one more. As my name states, I am a military mom. My 7 year old son has already been to three seperate schools because of frequent moving. Recently my son's teacher has stated that there is a possibility that my son will be retained in first grade. He is on-level in all of his subjects except for reading. He is now at an indepenant 10. He needs to be at level 16 to go on to second grade. Since they go by 2's, that is 3 levels. By the end of the year, (four weeks), they predict him to be a 14. He did not start school early and he does not have any disabilities. We have had his eyes checked as well and he does not need glasses. My husband is dead set against him being retained and I personally do not think that is needed either. He doesn't have any maturity issues. I want to do what is best for my child and any and all opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Read aloud with him in your lap and your finger pointing at the words. Really increase the time you spend doing this. Read books on his level, read the newspaper, read stuff he is interested in that is too hard for him. Read stuff that YOU are interested in aloud, with your finger pointing at the words or a strip of paper under the line you are reading. When your husband is available, he needs to do the same thing. If you are reading adult level words to him and he doesn't have any disabilities, he will soon be reading far beyond his grade level. 20 minutes a day is not really enough. My husband's family had a tradition of mom reading aloud at breakfast time, nap time, and bedtime. I wasn't that scheduled, but summer afternoons I did read aloud almost every day when it was too hot outside. Just tell the teacher that you will make a decision in the fall. If they insist on a decision, then say that your decision is to send him to second grade. You CAN change your mind later if your experience with him indicates you need to.

i understand what you are talking about i have a son who has been having some trouble in school i had him tested you can request this in writing to the school and they have by law so long to complete the test even if he doesnt test low enough to get help check into a 504 plan im not sure if the state you are in offers that but it is a program that helps with testing such as longer time ,read aloud,private testing and mark in the book i know a friends who child recieves it and she went from a 1 on a eog to a 3 all took was some modified testing for her EOG 's and alittle in the classroom .

I love acitez's advice. Also, if you still see that your son is behind in reading, ask the school to advance him to 2nd grade, but keep him at his current level in reading. I don't see why that wld be an unreasonable request. You also may want to consider a private tutor or even try computer programs designed specifically for reading. If the problem persists, get an outside eval from a specialist. Some kids are just slower readers than others. It sounds like your son is doing great otherwise, though, considering he's been moved around so much. Focus on his strengths to help build his self-confidence. Encourage your son to read at home by offering him books on subjects he thoroughly enjoys. He may never be the best reader, but so what. He has so many other strengths to be proud of.

at this time i would say pass them do what you got to do to make sure to pass we are finishing up our 2nd yr in 3rd just took our EOG's and same score we got the 1st year if i had it to do over honest i would have just made sure they passed her ,she has friends in both grades and only one friend out of them past from both grades i seperated her from her best friend since grade k they hardly see each other at school now and have seen some improvement but not enough to have held her back a whole year best wishes do what you feel is right good or bad after all you will be the one left to wonder if it was the right choice in the long run

Just to give everyone an update. The teacher did decide that retaining him is the best decision. I have been fighting that ever since. I just met with the assistant principle today and we talked about my son. They had just gotten thier Stanford test scores back and based on those the assistant principle said that she felt comfortable promoting him to the second grade. He will go to a summer reading program at the school as well as going to Sylvan learning Center. I would like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions, I have taken many to heart. I am already seeing improvement just by reading TO HIM instead of always having him read to me. The love of reading is returning to him. He willingly does his thirty minutes because he knows I will read to him before bed. We agreed to re-assess him at the end of the summer just to make sure that we have made the right decision.

It is good to hear back. So often I hear the beginning of someone's story and then don't hear how it went on. I'm glad you are keeping your options open. Kids are so different from each other.