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retention for failing CRCT
05/25/2007 at 17:56 PM

Is it a mandatory retention in the State of Georgia if a child fails the CRCT exam?

My child will have a private tutor this summer instead of "summer school".   If she fails the remake exam, what are my options if any?

Does she have to repeat or do we have any rights??



Hey j_wyn,


Welcome to the boards.  I am not an expert on Georgia law, so I don't know the answer to your question.  I would suggest that you talk to your child's school and see what they say about it.  If you can't get an answer at that level you can always go up to the school board or district office level.  The private tutor that you hire might also know something about the laws and your rights in Georgia.


Good luck




Actually, if she fails the retake, she will be retained.  You can, however, file an appeal with the school/district.  Many students are promoted this way.  What most people do not realize is that the educational system in Georgia is not to blame.  This is a direct result of George Bush's No Child Left Behind.  See, if your daughter cannot perform on grade level, the federal law states that she must be retained so that she's not "left behind" academically.  I know this sounds crazy, but the president's administration has most of the country believing that this has credit.  Go figure!