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Repeat first grade?
04/08/2008 at 18:25 PM

My son Joshua is a young 1st grader.  His teacher is recommending retention.  But the problem is,  I have my kindergartener Jordan who is doing great.  Jordan's teacher is saying that he is ready for 1st grade.   Should I have both of them in 1st grade?  How would it affect Joshua's self esteem?  Help!

Rather keep Joshua back now than have him battle later.Does the younger one have to go to grade one or can you keep him back 2. If he is age ready, sent him to school but remember that it does and will always have an effect on the older one. I have the same situation with a 15 and 16 year old. The oldest one is ADD and were kept behind one year and the youngest one went to grade 1 early because she was ready. It is very hard on the oldest one and emotionally hard on the younger one. She is the youngest in her clas, every one will have their learner drivers licences, id's ect but her.Her friends can go to places where she is still not allowed.In school they have "Sokkies" for young people but her class mates can go and not her. She only feels the effect now. The oldest one are forever in the shade of the youngest one. You have to constantly work at her self esteem. Good luck and pray for wisdom for you in this regard.

There are other talents that your older son has that you can admire. Avoiding the over-emphasis on intellect, attending to character traits such as persistence, kindness, patience, is something that will be a greater part in your family. That is a good thing!