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Repeat 1st grade???
01/05/2010 at 18:34 PM

My son is in 1st grade, and he has been suffering on paying attention along with being able to read. He suffered in Kindergarten, and even in Pre-kindergarten. It took him two hours to read a 7 page book last night, that it would have taken his stepbrother who is also in first grade five minutes to read. He keeps saying that its confusing to him, or he doesnt understand. I am trying to get him in the ESE program which is Extra Special Education, so instead of one teacher to twenty students, its one teacher to ten students. Its more of a one on one classroom. But here it is the middle of the school year and he still on the first page from the first day of school. It frustrating as a parent to see him struggle and I dont want him to be ignored or "slip through the system". Now with this No Child Left Behind Act, am I as a parent allowed to hold back my child (we live in Florida)even if the school says that they can't??? Please help!!!!!

Get his eyesight checked by an optometrist or opthalmologist. Talk to the teacher about how much time is being taken by homework assignments. 2 hours of frustration is not a way to build confidence in skills.

Retention may not be the answer. Typically, it only works if the reason for the delay is discovered prior to the retention and a method is put in place to overcome the obstacle DURING the repeat year. Just holding him back won't fix the issues and the hit to his confidence may do more damage than good. Has he been tested for learning disabilities? You mentioned you were trying to get him into a special program... what testing has he done to qualify for it? Have you talked to his doctor and made sure his eyes, hearing, everything is in check? You might consider testing for ADHD type issues. I know there are all sorts including innattentive as opposed to hyper-active.