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The Red Backpack
05/30/2009 at 14:25 PM

I didnt even know this program was out there its a red backpack the school fills with food on fridays a child who doesnt have it easy and has got to worry if they will get one meal when schools are out for the weekend picks the backpack up on fridays and uses the food while school is out brings the backpack back on mondays and repeats this the next friday this is a wonderful program and may be going on at your school if people helped they may could reach more children .i can not imagine what it would be like to know you have food at least when school is in but to be scared for the weekend to come because you know that means your stomach will hurt from going hungry most children look forward for school to be out on weekends because they are ready to have free time ,play,ballgames or what ever else they decide to do but thier are a few children that cry because it is the weekend because their may not be food .that is heart breaking i plan to call my school monday to see if i can help fill a bag i cant help all the children but at least when i go to sleep at night on a weekend i will know one child has some food ,i also talked with my daughter i plan to donate all her old shoes and clothes to help a child at her school.she has hunted a few toys she wants a child to have "she asked me dont hungry kids want toys to ?" and of coarse they like toys too so looks like we will donate those also .

How Wonderful I do not know if our School has this but i will check it is so sad to think a child is hungry and I would love to help and a plus will be at a local school I plan to tell friends and see if they will help to

This is a wonderful idea. My church often collects food for the hungry, but it wld be nice to see an ongoing program such as this one in our school. It's worth looking into or suggesting. Thx for mentioning it.

Unknown Our local grocery stores have an account, its called acount 999 I think. Everytime you make an order, you can put $5 dollars on account 999 and they match it. Every week they send home groceries for people in need.

In our community many people have a tradition of fasting (not even drinking juices) for two meals one day, and giving the money saved to help the hungry. Little children are not expected to go without food, or people with medical conditions, but many of those who do eat eat very simply that one day and give the money saved.