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Ready for Kindergarten?
03/09/2009 at 13:33 PM

I need advice to help me in deciding if my daughter is ready for kindergarten. She is 4 now and will turn 5 in late June. She has been in pre-school for 2 years and most recently is in the 5 day program. She has done very well, she loves school, can't wait to see the kids, teachers, and work on projects. I planned to send her to kindergarten this fall. During the spring conference with her teacher last week she told me she does not think my daughter was ready for kindergarten. I understand she is young, but some of her reasons I felt were "silly". Like, she can't gallop or skip, she speaks too softly, she does not know her address & phone number, and is the last one done with her art projects. Then she went on to tell me how great she was in art and how good her projects are. The things that did concern me was she said she did not have a long attention span though she was was not an interruption in class and followed directions well. She had some trouble recognizing some of her numbers and letters, but I have since went over them with her and she did very well. She pretends to read books and understands how to hold them. I guess I feel like she will be ready by September but I am so afraid of making things hard for her in the future. Most people are telling me send her, she is excited to ride the bus with her big brother. I feel she is really bright but don't all mother think that about her kids?

Do you remember how different things were in college than they were in high school? It is just as big a difference between pre-school and kindergarten. It doesn't look that different from a parent's perspective, but it is. Your daughter's teacher is looking at your daughter's complete psychological development, including large motor development, social development, others. It's a lot better being among the most capable kids in the class than being the one that everybody has to wait for. I was hesitant about sending my youngest who had a February birthday. She was excited about school, too. I dismissed my feelings as just being silly about wanting to keep my "baby" home and sent her off to Kindergarten. By October, she was struggling. I pulled her out of school, sent her back to first grade a year and a half later. Although she is academically very capable, she is still "young" among her classmates.

Why do people insist on sending their babies to school? Sigh. She'll be just fine. Give her more opportunities to speak out when you're together (library, store, etc.) She'll be loud before you want her too!

It sounds like your daughter is a very well adjusted little girl. I don't think the attention span issue and not knowing all her letters is anything to worry about at 4 yrs old. The things your daughter's teacher mentioned are all things you can work on at home. Since you know she is capable of learning, do this. Practice goes a long way. I think since your daughter has been in preschool for two yrs already, repeating another yr of preschool is not the solution. I wld send her to kindergarten, especially since she's exited about it. She'll catch up in the other areas soon enough. Good luck.

Speaking as a Kindergarten teacher of 16 years, as well as a mother of 3, let me first explain that my daughter was born in May and went to preschool for 2 years as well. Her teacher also told me that she was very quiet when speaking...Fast forward...she is now 14, in high school and doing quite well. She never had difficulty adjusting. Also, as a teacher, I notice that boys who have a late birthday have more of a maturity issue and tend to repeat more often than girls. I would say to give it a try. If there's anything additional she needs to work on, you'll be able to help her as needed. If she does have to repeat, you can explain that it was the same as preschool, she has to go for 2 years. They often adjust to new friends again and feel great about themselves because they are more successful.They get tobe the leaders of the class...I wish you the best of luck! I hope this helps.

I will tell you the best thing you can do for your daughter is keep her out one more year ,my daughter started at a young age i was told she should be fine she had most of the skills and was ready...WRONG !! she had alot of trouble social wise she was also a soft talker and i was told alot of the same things you are now she is getting ready to finish her 2 nd time in 3rd grade there is alot of difference between being ready work wise but social and mental is all different she may just need alittle more time and will be ready next year i wish i had kept my daughter home just one more year i know now it would have made a difference she stayed back in 3rd and is doing great in school she is right where she needs to be age wise before you could tell she wasnt i told her staying back "is just getting you with the right grade because mommy started her to early"