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Reading and Writing Difficulties
09/16/2007 at 13:13 PM

I have a 3rd grader who has struggled with reading since kindergarten.  We had him tested after 1st Grade and he has a mild auditory processing problem.  We did the $100 and hour reading specialist for a while and I felt like I could do what she was doing for a lot less money.  I've tried the Institute of Reading Developement class at my local jr college.  That was ok, but again it seams like the key here is just practice.  Has anyone tried anything else that is worth the money or do I just keep plugging along.  Right now I read with him and have him write short stories.  He is reading at a 2nd grade level and continues to improve slowly. I'm just afraid as he gets through 3rd and 4th grade he is going to have trouble keeping up.  Has anyone tried Kumon, Score!, Sylvan?  Do they work?  I would love to hear any advice!

Hey jr,


I have not ever tried Sylvan or any of those programs but from what I have heard it is often better and much less expensive to talk to the teachers at the school, often they tutor or know someone good who will tutor.  This is also often one on one tutoring.


If you are seeing improvement, I would say keep up with what you are doing and if you want to do more just talk to the teachers and see what else you can do.


What does everyone else think?




My son is in  the 4th grade.  He has trouble with reading and has been tested by the school.  They say he has a disability and has been for the last two years getting help from the LD teacher at school.  Now in the 4th grade I had him tested outside the school and they tell me he has a reading level of someone starting the 2nd grade.  The school keep telling me he going fine and is making progress.  Now I don't know what to do and is the school just pushing him through? So I feel for you. If there is anyone out there who can give us some answers please help!


I have a son who struggles with reading also.  Last school he was put into a reading 180 program and his reading level was going down instead of up.  So I homeschooled him for the last grading period to see if I could improve his reading and other things.  He was in 4th but only reading on a third grade level.  I found this program called for 20 bucks a month. In six weeks of using this website his reading went up 100 points.  He was only 30 points shy of being on 4th grade level when he was tested again.  Time4learning covers all core subjects up to 6th grade. What I liked about it is that reading is incorporated into all subject matters.  My son loved the web site.  Hope this is helpful.