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Preschool vs. Readiness
03/17/2009 at 10:34 AM

Here I am reading the message boards and while finding them fairly helpful, am still confused as all heck! I am a mother of 2 and I am in a situation where my son is 4 & 1/2 (turning 5 in late Aug.) and spends 4 days a week w/ grandparents and his 2 year old sister (both of us work full time) and 1 day a week at a daycare. My original plan was to send him to the 1/2 day readiness kindergarten program then the 1/2 day developmental kindergarten program, but just this year that has all changed. Now being implemented is a full day every day readiness class and still the 1/2 day develop. kingdergarten. Both of which at the end of the school year will be advancing to first grade. Yes, the readiness class will advance to 1st grade! For my son, who is probably lacking a little socially, I'm so torn. I'm not for certain he's ready for an all day program compared to what he's currently doing on a weekly basis. One idea is doing a preschool program 3 days a week (afternoons)this coming year and then going to kindergarten next year. While this seems to be a valid choice, my main concern is I don't believe they are going to keep the readiness program next year, instead going straight to developmental. I, like many other parents, do not want my child to "struggle" to get thru his 1st bout w/ school. I would rather start him out slowly than throw him in a situation where it's just "too much". I've talked to a lot of people on the topic and have been led to feel that I'm just not pushing him enough if I don't sent him to readiness claiming that it is basically a glorified preschool. Keep in mind preschool is a few days a week and the new readiness program will be 5 days, all day. Worst case scenario is that he goes to readiness, isn't ready to go to first grade and then repeats. Should I go into it thinking like that? Probably not. What if I do the preschool thing and then kindergarten and then he's still not ready. Now he's going to repeat kindergarten and turning 7? I'm just looking for some guidance.

boys particularly benefit from a later start in school. Boys and girls are different in many ways, starting in the womb. It shouldn't be so hard for people to understand that boys and girls brains develop generally at different rates.

Hello. Was your child evaluated by the school for Kindergarten yet? See what they say about his readiness. Yes, boys are slower to mature, but I also have one of those August boys and he is doing well in school, and he didn't go to preschool. I did work with him however. Good luck. Only

Every kid is different. In my opinion, if you feel your son is not ready for kindergarten, don't put him in. I think since he hasn't been exposed to pre-school yet, you're better off waiting. I wldn't put him in K w/ the thinking that you may want him repeating the grade next yr. Find a good private pre-school (even if you have to pay tuition), and get his foot in the door. I think a yr of pre-school will make a big difference. Then you can decide what you want to do after that. Good luck.

Yes, I'm going to still have him screened which is happening next week. I have had a bit of clarity and believe I know what is the best thing for him. For some parents, myself included, it is difficult trying to come up w/ the best solution. I'm sure I'll have it all down and know what to do w/ my baby girl when she gets to be that age. I guess this is the trial & error phase.