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New to public school
08/30/2007 at 09:02 AM

My son is a 15 year old freshman and has just begun to attend a new public high school.  For the past five years he has been in a private Christian school environment.  At this point he appears to be having trouble fitting in with the rest of the kids.  His biggest problem seems to be the excessive use of foul language which he encounters from the time he gets on the bus until school lets out (even during some classes).  Christian education aside, we have always raised him to be respectful of others and he has never used this type of language and he feels very uncomfortable when he is around it.  He has always been a sort of a quiet type as he got into his teens however he is by no means a shy kid.  At his school the students seem to break off into groups, depending on what type of thing that they are into, for example gothic or heavy metal rock, skateboarders etc.  He does not seem to fit into any of these groups.  I know that there must be some kids there that he can bond with but no luck yet.  We chose to have him attend public school because he will eventually attend a non –Christian college and will ultimately have to leave that Christian school environment and we thought it would be better to do this now than four years from now.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.             

Hey frankblack,


Sorry to hear that your son is having a hard time fitting in with the kids at his new school.  My daughter has also told me there is a lot of foul language in her HS.  I think he just has to keep looking around for a group that better fits his values. 


Does your school have a Young Life chapter, this is a great organization that usually meets at a local church and teaches kids good values and good choices.  My daughter has been a member in Young Life and all the kids in it are very positive and it seems important to them to make the right choices.  Also, if your church has a youth group then maybe he can meet some kids from his high school that share values.


Keep us posted on how it goes.




Thanks for the advice Marti.  The school does have a club that sounds very similar to the group that you are describing, we are in the process of looking into it.  His beliefs and values were shaped through a close family and years of Christian school.  I am not too worried about any changes that might occur in him during this initial period, however if he could find someone with similar values and pursuits it would definately be easier for him to cope with the change.

Thanks again for the advice, will keep you posted.