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need some advice
06/11/2009 at 12:42 PM

my daughter has had the same teachers for 2 yrs now,she repeated a grade this year ,the first year in this grade she has the same teachers as this year ,she takes time to warm up to teachers and get into the new school year .i like her teacher a lot ,my daughter calls one of them the home work queen "she did give a lot of home work this year compared to last year in this grade .both years my daughter has not passed the end of the year testing .but she has made amazing improvments this year.she does take to a new teacher easy and takes awhile to even start talking in class and answering out at the end of the year we find out who she will have so we can talk about it over the summer break .this week on the last day of school i was told by her teachers that they to will be moving up to the next grade ,so here goes the trouble i have in the office i was told they have not placed her yet because of her teachers moving up they have not decided yet and will email me i did find out it is between 3 teaches for one a man ,and the other 2 hers she has had for 2 yrs now .this kept me up all night ,once my daughter heard her teachers were moving up all at once her worries are over she must have them she told me .but im not sure would it be good for her to have them another year i dont want her to have more trouble the next year moving on with out them ,and i dont know about the man because she really gets shy around men im scared she will never tell him anything and may never answer him the whole year ,i told them my fears and may even here as early as today her placement ,she told me she didnt want anyone but her other teachers she has bonded well with them and this will be a lot of changes this year for her ,new classroom because she has been in the same one for 2 yrs ,but the next grade is in a whole other part of the school,new teachers ,im just not sure what this will do to her .should i make sure they keep her with the ones she knows or let it be a time of change all around with new teacher also.

My daughter spent almost two years in pre-school and we absolutely loved her teacher. She was excellent in everyway. Now that she's in Kindergarden we are left feeling frustrated and worried. Her teacher is tuff. She doesn't seem to give any positive reinforcement and spends the majority of her time saying no. My Daughter seems to be lost in the shuffle and she has given her a terrible report card. We dont have a very good repore and I feel like she's taking it out on her. Are you as a paren't able to ask for your child to be switched to another class?

You need to set up a conference w/ your daughter's teacher, and tell her exactly how you feel. W/out communication, you're not going to get anywhere. The teacher needs to better understand your daughter's needs, and it's your job to communicate those needs to her. Hopefully, together, you can come to a solution as to best help your daughter. I understand your concerns b/c my son, too, takes a while to warm up to new people, but your daughter needs to learn to adjust to the changes. She can't have the same teacher forever. Try to make the transition as smooth as possible for your daughter. Don't make a huge deal about it either. She'll adjust eventually. My son's current teacher doesn't have the friendliest personality, but she's a good teacher. My son had a hard time in the beginning too, but now he's better. I think also, from yr to yr, a lot more is expected from kids. My son transitioned from K to 1st grade, and for a while he kept saying he wanted to go back to K. I spoke to his teacher and even observed my son in his classrm. This helped. Hang in there. No matter what, though, always voice any concerns you have. It can make all the difference.

One more thing: As for switching classes, it may be too late now that the school yr is in full swing. You can make the request, but before you do, try working things out w/ the current teacher first. Switching classes may just confuse things more and possibly produce more anxiety for your daughter, not to mention the friends she will miss from the class she's in now. Lots to consider. Try not to make a hasty decision.