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Need help!
11/21/2012 at 12:00 PM


My son is 11 year old in 5th grade, he recently told us that he handed a note (note said that he has a crush on her and if interested she should call) to a girl from his class. He handed the note to this girl when he was waiting to be picked up from school.

Here is my question:

1. I read the code of conduct and it does not say anything about handing over notes, so will he get a suspension or will get kicked out from school because of this?

2. Should we approach his teacher and let her know what happened or just stay quite?

Please help...


I think this is normal behavior and you should not be upset about it, fear that he's too young, try to control it or worry about retribution. That is, as long as there's nothing inappropriate in that note. It's sad that these things are over thought and over reacted to in society, so don't take that road yourself. He's discovered girls! He needs you. The world of the opposite sex is confusing, exciting and full of rejection. You now have opportunities for teaching and sharing with him: how to treat a girl, talk to a girl, and most of all-- to be himself around a girl. Enjoy the fact that you CAN be involved because soon, he won't tell you a thing. Right now your influence can be very positive, and Dad can give him guidance, too. The sex talk is in your future-- but right now, it's simple. Don't get over involved, but the stage is set for you, so go get 'em!