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My 2nd grader is a talker
12/28/2007 at 02:11 AM

Hello  all,

My son is in the  2nd grade.Although he gets very good grades.He always get notes sent home about him talking in class. I have talk to him about this,his response  is that he is board. I asked why he doesn't get a book or something else to do until everyone is finished with there work.His answer is the typical "I  don't know". I have tried talking to him ,taking away games he likes , and not allowing to have friends over. It will stop for a couple of days then the notes start again. Does anybody have any suggestion.

Miss D

Get him a children's thesaurus.  Get him a maze book or puzzle book to keep in his desk.  Teach him how to doodle/draw.  The only problem is, he may get so engrossed in his own creation, he may get notes for not paying attention in class. 


Instead of taking things away on bad behavior give him things on good behavior. Have a small surprise every afternoon that he doesn't have a note sent home with him and on friday afternoon give him a surprise only a bit bigger if he hasn't gotten a note all week. Also talk to the teacher and see if he/she can give him a job in the classroom for when he done with his work such as helping other students or organizing the classroom library.


I am a second grade teacher and have a couple of talkers in my class. I feel the best thing you could do is meet with your son's teacher and work out a positive behavior plan with him/her and your son. Make sure it reinforces positive behavior. For example if your son gets done early he could read a book instead of talking to his neighbors or maybe he could be a student helper and use his talking in a positive way to help others. Work this out with the teacher and your son. Write out a contract that you can all agree on. Have the teacher reward your son for following the contract and making good choices (stickers or a small treat after school). Then follow up together to discuss how it is working and modify if necessary.