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message for "bad" teachers
10/28/2009 at 17:00 PM

Who is the teacher to deny my son the right to go use the bathroom?
boss can not deny employers to use bathroom
prison officers can not deny inmates to use bathroom
principal can not deny teachers to use bathroom
therefore teachers should not
deny students to use bathroom.

so i told him if you need to go for a wee ask your teacher, and if she tells you no JUST WALK OUT THE CLASS AND GO TO THE TOILET and tell them DADDY said you can go to the loo when you need to.

i know some people will say , your child should wait until recess

what happen if is an emergency e.g. stomach ache or urges to pee?? , bodily function DON`T KNOW ABOUT time specially in a emergencies cases like diarrhea

You teacher , you can not deny my child the right to use the toilet if he has an emergency , what would happen if a student have an accident and wet pants or have a stomach ache in front of a whole class because the teacher denied a student to use bathroom ??
it would be anecdotal for the teacher but for the pupil will be a traumatic and humbling experience for the rest of his/her life and many
many classmates will talk about that during years and the pupil will be humiliated again (and sometimes in front of new people).

why some teachers deny pupils the use of bathroom? students ask for the toilet to avoid some lesson

they would take drugs in bathroom , they can suffered a heart attack along the way......


i think some teachers dont let students use the bathroom because want see them with his/her pants-wetted , some teacher have behaviour pedophile

so I recommend to all parents , tell you child that you should wait until recess if you can hold , ok i'm agree , but if you child has an emergency , JUST WALK AND GO ,
teacher is not nobody to deny your child to use the bathroom , message to all parents DON'T LET YOUR CHILD BE HUMILIATED BY A B------ TEACHER. OK?!!

i see here many teachers are proud of about that. You are lucky my kid isn't in your class , you would have a big problem with me;
but anyway some day you could have a problem with a violent father .

Defend your child against bad teachers. it is a duty !!

Bathroom is a right , not a privilege.

part of the reason as a single grandmother who had a choice between foster care or my care so I'm raising my grandson I also chose to homeschool him because the school system and the teachers do not promote my high standards enough. They teach children things that I donot approve of and therefore to build a firm foundation I decided homeschooling was the best for my only grandson. Even though the odds are against him, he is doing well with his studies and not very well with puberty but who hope that you can resolve your bad teacher situation but that's part of the frailty of these frail times.