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male or female teacher
06/23/2009 at 17:28 PM

My name is lucy im the mother of 3 girls each with different ways about them ,one is very shy ,one is in the middle can be shy sometimes,and the other very out going never shy .my youngest has had several issues since starting school way different from my other daughters she is always having to struggle ,in grade k she scratched and hit her teacher trying to get back to me so i couldnt leave her there she spent most of grade k crying .in first she was put in a small group class with 15 other kids huge mistake she did nothing but not from her fault the teacher just didnt do her job ,in second we had a great teacher who helped my daughter as much as she could she got her to where she was just one year behind instead of 2 .we moved on to fourth after that year she was retained and did fourth again she is now on grade level but still just barely on it .due to her having trouble dealing with new teachers she was put back into the same room both times in fourth .we have been told that she will have a man teacher this year in fifth grade she has said this makes her nervous none of my kids has ever had a male teacher for anything not even PE ,i have to say im really excited and cant wait to see how she responds to him .but she is not .she is shy to adults and has just spent 2 yrs in the same room this going to be all new to her ,she is not shy around the kids and gets in trouble for talking at times but when it comes to adults she sometimes will not even answer them when asked something .im worried and excited about the upcoming yr .i just wanted to ask does anyone have a certain sex they want to teach their child and if you have had a male is their much different in the way they relate or teach ? i have been told by the school that a male brings a different type of teaching into the classroom i have done some research and most say a male teacher can sometimes make a difference where others could not .

The 10 y/o I nanny is also very shy and had a male teacher for the first time this year, for 4th grade. He is one of 2 males in the school, the other is the principal. We were unsure how she would do, especially since he has a gruff voice and is 6', 240 lbs, but she did great. She had her best year so far, was challenged and got excellent grades. It can be good for girls to have a male teacher, my daughter had many and did well with them all. Spend some extra time in the classroom if you can which may help your daughter to adjust. Good luck to you both!

Without undervaluing the huge role our female teachers play (often holding it together in schools with more than its share of poorer parenting skills) we need more male teachers in our primaries - too often the only males are the Head Teacher and/or the Janitor. It's a child's right to become as fluent as possible at reading and numeracy, and perhaps even having a male teacher at some of their primary stage. It may be the only way some primary stage pupils experience a male in a caring role. Great to hear that the male teacher was a positive experience.

I had a male teacher once in elementary school. He was great and funny too. I think at first the class didn't know what to expect, and we were a bit intimidated by him in the beginning, but once we got to know him, we were fine. The only problem w/ a male teacher in the middle school yrs is that the girls may have a crush on him if he's cute. I'm sure the same cld happen w/ boys and a female teacher too. As long as the teacher is professional and sets the rules from the very beginning, the class will more likely respect him or her.