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Kindergarten Classes
07/18/2007 at 03:47 AM

My son will be attending kindergarten in the fall.  Last year, he attended a public preschool to help him with his speech.  Two languages are spoken at home so he was disanosed as having 'language confusion'.  From the age of two and a half, he want to daycare, as a result, he developed aggressive behavior that I was not aware of until he attended public school.  He has tantrums where he throws and breaks things, hits, spits, and screams.  Most of the time, he is caring and kind, but the teacher says he has his own agenda and is very sensitive to censure.  He is very intelligent and is an only child.  The situation is that the school wants him to go to a special kindergarten next year.  This would mean he would miss out on neighborhood activities and meeting kids his age locally.  He will only get speech lessons 30 minutes once a week.  Furthermore, the students in his class have severe disabilities and will never be able to attend mainstream schools.  I am worried that he will pick up worse behavior and be left out when he attends 1st grade the following year at the mainstream school.  I can see that he lacks emotional maturity and I am trying to give him the skills and verbal ability to cope with conflicts that would arise at school but am at odds on the right path to follow. 



If he is truly only lacking emotional maturity then why would you want to force him into a situation where he would be more alienated. He may have just learned to 'work' the system to get the reaction he wants. If you can start a program at home that everyone follows and then have the extra playdates he may learn better ways to deal with his anger and such without you actually being the only one he gets it from- if that makes sense. He may learn it on his own while watching others, rather than giving him more ammo for when he's upset by getting you flustered. Best of luck!! Just don't feel pressured to follow what the school is telling you, you know him best :)