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Issue with coach on HS sports team
09/11/2012 at 20:53 PM

My daughter is on the field hockey team. Recently, they had a loss to a team the coaches thought they would beat. The coaches told them that they couldn't "stomach this loss" and when they arrived back at school after the game, were told to be prepared to run. This was after the evening game on a school night at 9pm. I was so angry. Has anyone else encountered this type of punishment? I can see having them run at practice teh next day but that night? Seriously? I & most other parents, were forced to sit & wait for almost 1/2 hour. They didn't tell the girls this until they arrived so it's even more irritating. I also work an early shift so had about 4 hours of sleep. Had I known, I could have at least tried to arrange a ride home but I found out when I pulled in the parking lot. I was tempted to just go in & tell them she was leaving but that of course, would have embarassed her & who knows what other negative impact it would have on her, her team or her teammates relationship with her. Suggestions? Comments?

yes i had coaches in high school do the same thing to our team after a loss or two. i hated it and i guess it helps them in the long run. it made us play all the harder the next time.