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Invasion of Privacy?
10/27/2013 at 19:00 PM

About two weeks ago, my 6 year old son started having some increased behavior problems at school. As a result, his kindergarten teacher has switched to a different consequence/reward technique with him. We have no problem with that and have adopted new techniques at home as well that have resulted in dramatic behavior improvements over the past few days.

However, I got an email from the teacher saying that along with this new technique that she is using at school, there was also some paperwork that my husband and I needed to fill out. What we got was a 4 page questionnaire that asks questions like:

Parent occupation and highest grade completed

Any learning or behavior problems that we (the parents) or any other family members might have.

What methods of discipline are used at home?

What does your child do when not at school?

What activities does the family do together?

My husband and I have nothing to hide, but these questions seem like a serious invasion of privacy and we have strong reservations about completing this questionnaire. My husband, in particular, feels that most of what they are asking is none of the school's business. Have any other parents ever been asked to complete something like this? What are your thoughts?