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inclusion classrooms
06/13/2009 at 21:58 PM

we just found out my step daughter will be in a in inclusion class next year she does not have a IEP that it talks about when i looked it up on the net ,she isnt the highest in her grade but by far not the lowest ,we no nothing about these kinds of rooms does anyone know about them ? how good they are ? and should we worry about her being in it ? she will be placed with a man teacher this will be a great chance to get a man's type of teaching and she is very found of the teacher that she will have but yet we are still worried about this whole inclusion type room we wonder if it will hold her back or help to move farther this year than in the past .she is a shy child who takes a while to open up to people .and we have been told she does great work but they have got to tell her to keep working and sometimes she gives a blank look with out giving a answer to her teachers even when it is something simple like did she get a paper .she does have ADD and she is getting help thats why she has the 504 plan .but it does not allow for anything but mods on her testing only not in the classroom she does to good on classroom work for that .

give the room a chance in our school they have worked great and with the cuts being made in most states your child will be in a great room ,those rooms get the extras no other rooms will be getting due to the cuts