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How do I get my son to read?????
07/22/2008 at 02:17 AM

My son is going into the 2nd grade next year, but I am not happy with his reading level.  He is at the level he is supposed to be at his age, but at the end of Aug. he starts at a new school and reading is a big factor.  I don't know what to do.  Please help me to figure a way to help him get motivated about reading. 

Thank you all for your help.

HI, First I would suggest you are sure your son is seeing the letters is seeing them correctly? When was his vision last checked. As it might be a possible he isn't seeing things clearly. What did his last teacher think? Where did he sit in the class room (front or back, did he stuggle with the direction of the each letter?) If that wasn't the problem, then might I offer another idea. I found a web site "" this was fun for our two children. It will get them reading and they think they are just having fun. I've heard other parents say this site has been great for their child. Our children are both reading above grade level and are advanced readers in their classes. I too at one time struggled with our youngest like you are doing now. This web site was just what she needed. I highly recommend it. Just look over the site, and ask your son to play along with you the first few times. He'll see the games he can play after the story, the variey of stories, which also teach phonic, and it has a kid friendly appeal. I bet he too will want to go back again and again. I did print out the worksheets, and awards as it reinforces the story lesson and the award papers we posted on the fridge for all to see. IF you would rather in not have him on the computer, visit the public library and get into the childrens books. Pick out books that are of intrest to him,fiction and some that are not. Read to him and show him how these stories are taking him to places (real and make believe).Share with him how reading is fun and interseting to you..(does he see you reading alone?) Encourage him to find some books, even if they are just a few picture books to start. Get him involved in the Summer Reading program at your library (if you have one). Read to him all you can, whenever you can. Then also limit the tv and computer time, instead let him have books to look at or time you will read to him. I loved the afternoons and bedtime stories with our two, and they still ask for them. Start small ten to twenty minutes a day for a while them build the time to thirty minutes. Talk to him about what you've read and what he thinks of the stories. Even get a few books on DVD or tape. Stories he can listen to while riding in the car or ??. Hope this gives you some helpful ideas. Have fun.

Go to your local library, and let your son choose books that interest him. Read as much as you can w/ your son. Many libraries have summer book clubs that encourage children to read also. You said your son is at the appropriate level for his age, so I wldn't worry. Just expose him to as many books as you can now. You can even make a game out of it. Set a goal for how many books to read this summer. If your son reaches his goal, he gets a reward (a toy, a day out to the movies, whatever). If at some pt you see your son is falling behind in reading, you can always get him a tutor, but right now he seems fine, so I wldn't worry. Reading shld be fun. Don't put too much pressure on your son, or he might not enjoy it as much. Good luck!